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I know you have a heart to educate your child with excellence, and you want a home that welcomes and blesses your family and friends. But that's a tall order--because you're also running 100 errands, driving your kids to practice, paying bills, making 1,000 appointments, and calling the repairman--just to name a few! It can be totally overwhelming (and exhausting)! Organization didn't come naturally to me--but after 25 years of marriage, 6 kids, and 19 years of homeschooling, I've learned strategies to keep this beautiful, unimaginable life in order! I'd love to share with you the simple plans I find essential for keeping my homeschool, housework, and errands organized! You deserve the peace of mind!

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Hi--I'm Jen! I've got 6 kiddos, twins, toddlers, teens--lots of laundry and always dirty dishes! I've been Jason's wife for 25 years, a mommy for 22 years, and a homeschooler for 19 years! I'd love to be friends! Subscribe to get my latest content by email and your free planner! **Subscribers also have exclusive access to my Free Resource Library! JENMERCKLING.COM